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Dismantling the mantel

Maybe I am one of those people who just isn’t supposed to have a fireplace mantel. Goodness knows it throws me for a decorating loop more seasons than not.

However, even though I struggle to keep it updated, I *do* put stuff on it, and take it down, and put other stuff on it. Want proof?  Here was the 2013 Christmas mantel. Awwww….
The miniature sled was something I snagged in an antique/thrift store down in Bell Buckle last year; I had planned to work it into an outdoor Christmas decoration, but at the last minute, I propped it on there, and it seemed to fit.

The mantel was one of the last things I put up and took down. (It was slow going this year.) Since it was dismantled late, I went straight for a wintry vignette with a little Valentine’s Day thrown in for good measure:
Now let’s see if I can get myself in gear and update it before Easter. Hmmm. Maybe if I update the mantel and the dining room with a spring-y feel, this gray, cold winter will take the hint and take its leave? If only it were that easy, I’d dismantle the mantel today.

Happy Monday,


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To my husband…
Will you be my valentine again this year?
Please say yes.

I can’t imagine a better husband, friend and father to our children.

Through thick and thin, you’ve steered our family’s course and kept your eyes on what’s most important.

We share a quirky sense of humor and you can make me laugh with a single word from an old joke.

When you became a father, you sought God and grew into the spiritual head of our family.
You’ve been our protector and provider, keeping us safe, comfortable and well-supplied with every need and most of our wants.
You play Santa better than anybody I know.
You are a strong and wonderful father, while showing our children how to have fun being their dad.
You compliment my cooking and cleaning efforts, and never complain when I am domestically challenged.  Not even when the laundry fairy goes AWOL.

You somehow manage to always have my back while giving me space to grow and be my own person.
I feel cherished and special and loved by you every day of the year.

It’s too bad our society thinks the flowers and chocolates are meant for girls, because guys like you should be spoiled rotten on holidays like this.  I am thrilled to be your valentine every year.

Happy valentine’s day!

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