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Why they call it fall…

Here in middle Tennessee, we have enjoyed warmer-than-usual temperatures for the past several weeks. Last night I smiled as I followed a toddler down our church’s hallways – it was nearly her bedtime and she was perfectly comfortable in a sleeveless sundress. It’s just one of the many examples of why I love living in a mild climate. (In contrast, South Dakota and Wyoming have already seen a blizzard. Brrr.)

Perhaps this year’s extended fall is nature’s way of making up for a slow warm-up this spring and a summer than never really heated up. But whatever the reason, it looks like it’s time for the seasons to change. There’s no such thing as a truly graceful fall, and so it is with our weather:
october weather
Today and tomorrow we’ll hit close to 80 again – probably for the last time this year. In two days we’ll be lucky to hit 70, and the day after that we’ll be in the mid-60s. The extended forecast shows us bumping along in the 60s and low 70s throughout October, and the temperatures will continue to drift and tumble downward.

It’s time to trade out the sleeveless tops for something with a bit more coverage.

No complaints here – the marked change in seasons gives me the perfect excuse to change our family dinner menus and decor along with my clothing choices.

Later today I’m hoping to take advantage of this last gasp of summer weather to work outdoors and finish refinishing our kitchen table and chairs. And then it will be time to start winding things down for the season…and winding up for the next one.

Happy fall, y’all.


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Oh blog, where are thou?

Yes, I know…it’s been here all along, and somehow my attention (meager as it is) has been diverted for several weeks.  Long story short, be careful about taking on volunteer “opportunities” in your “spare” time.  The result can mean you wake up and realize a couple months have raced by and you barely looked up to  notice the clock racing or the sun rising or setting.

This past weekend was the annual springing ahead of said clock.  It is the weekend I love and dread in equal proportions each year. I love having longer evenings and here in the South, the time change is immediately followed by warmer evenings as well.  But for a few days, I struggle with the alarm going off in a pre-dawn hour.

Our Saturday was spent driving to Knoxville to watch the Vols beat Mizzou, then driving back, knowing the East/Central time zone switch would be compounded this time by the arrival of the annual time change.  It arrived right on cue, so Sunday morning came all too soon, but I was up and out the door bright and early.  After lunch, Swimmer Girl and I went shopping for Easter dresses and we emerged victorious, with two dresses in tow.  We rushed to the high school for a matinee production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”  It was very well done, but my eyelids were drooping after the intermission, so when we got home, I grabbed a nap.  Even with the nap, bedtime came early Sunday night.

And the Monday morning alarm was completely ignored.  Tomorrow, treadmill, tomorrow.
Happy Monday,

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I recently had the opportunity to amble around the Leipers (or Leiper’s) Fork area of neighboring Williamson Highway 46 Leipers Fork TNCounty.  I’ve been through and to this area a few times, but it has several meandering country roads surrounding it, so I wouldn’t say I know the area well at all; every trip comes with its own new sights and experiences.

As I was winding my way up, down and around the rolling countryside, a few thoughts went through my head.  And although Leipers Fork is one of the most scenic and charming towns you can encounter along a country backroad, similar thoughts occur whenever I find myself forced to ease off the gas and take life a little slower for a few miles.

Thoughts like…

“Wow, I guess not of all the residents are on board with the gentrification efforts of some local celebs.”  (As testified by a number of crumbling old homesteads, ancient trucks with rusted-out beds, and brambly goat farms all standing their ground while newer, massive homes are all trying vainly to downplay their appearance and blend in.)

“Whoa, no guardrail?!?!” (Because you shouldn’t gawk when you’re driving down a narrow country road.)

“WHERE do these people buy milk and bread?”  (A recurring thought when you drive 30-some miles without passing nary a grocery store or gas station convenience store.)

“This is a pretty drive, but are they ever going to allow a straight-shot four-lane highway into this place?”

(See map? See where Leipers Fork is?  See the major roads that more-or-less surround it? See all the tiny, narrow roads that lead into it?)Map of Leipers Fork

“That’s a beautiful property, but the commute would be tedious on good days and impossible when it snows.”

“Haven’t I passed that old truck once already?  Hope I’m not lost!”

“Hey is that (err WAS that) the Judd’s place?”

“I bet I don’t have cell phone service back here.  Let’s hope I don’t need to call anyone for a while.”

and finally…

“It really IS pretty The Road Not Taken by Robert Frostback here.  Maybe a four-lane highway into this place wouldn’t be a good thing after all….”

Thank you to those who make Leipers Fork a picturesque place to visit and explore.  You’re an interesting blend of old hippies, new crunchsters (look it up), dirt farmers and country musicians, who enjoy living off the beaten path and apparently you fully intend to keep it things just the way they’ve always been.

And here’s to tiny placed nestled back off the main thoroughfares and to occasionally slowing down long enough to enjoy taking a ride along the backroads that lead us to them.

Happy traveling

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