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624px-XRF_12daysYesterday was the 12th day of Christmas, if you’re keeping up with the rather archaic tradition. But I didn’t give or receive 12 drummers drumming. No…my true love braved the wind and tucked away the last of the outdoor decorations in their storage tubs while I dismantled the Christmas tree.

Today the decorations and tree will head back to their space in the attic, and that will conclude the holiday season.  I am very grateful to be indoors because baby it is definitely COLD outside. We are expecting to hit 8 degrees (F) today. I’m not sure we’ve dipped down to single digits in a couple of years, and I really don’t remember the last time we had such a chilly day.

With the first week in 2014 past, here’s where I’m at on my resolutions, which address four areas: spiritual, cooking, health and cleaning/organizing.

Our church family has been challenged to all participate in a Bible reading challenge and I’m tracking through the Bible in chronological fashion, thanks to One Year Bible’s easy Facebook links. This one should be like riding a bike. (The one I fell off last fall, so close to the end. Sigh.)

I’m also planning to try Reddit’s 52 Weeks of Cooking challenge. The first week was eggs, and I took a stab at shirred (baked) eggs on Saturday. Let’s just say I need to give them another go…and not overcook them. The concept has great potential for weekend Eggs Benedict if I can perfect the cooking time. This week’s challenge is to try a Polish dish. I like stuffed cabbages, but my family is not fond of them, so I’m not sure what we’ll do…maybe pierogies?

To counteract the effects of taking a cooking challenge, my healthy side will continue incorporating more juicing into my weekday meals, and I’m gong to reintroduce myself to my Body Pump classmates and the treadmill. I lost a solid five pounds in the weeks leading up to the holidays and – more importantly – lost my sweet tooth. Not a single piece of Halloween candy.  Alas, the sweet tooth found its way home for the holidays, but if I lost it once, I can do it again.

On the cleaning/organizing side of things, I am…intrigued by this weekly challenge. It looks interesting, but we’ll see if I can stick with it long-term.

So how are you settling into 2014? Do tell!

Happy Monday,


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January is “Discover History” month, so it’s only fitting to bring up a few tidbits of food and domesticity history for us to ponder.coffeeFor starters, move over Starbucks and Caribou Coffee.  This generation isn’t the first generation to LOVE its coffee.  Back in 1675, Charles II of England issued a proclamation to suppress coffee houses. The ban lasted a grand total of 15 days.  I’m surprised the king held out that long…a national headache from coffee deprivation would not be pretty.

Speaking of kings, it is Elvis’ birthday.  And we know what a foodie he was, right?

Yesterday was the 116th anniversary of what we now know as the “Fannie Farmer Cookbook.”  The Boston Cooking School Cook Book, as it was known then, was first published in 1896.

And on January 10, 1894, Clara Peller uttered her famous question for the first time, “Where’ the beef?”  Wendy’s Hamburgers and pop-culture were forever changed.

On this day in 1800, soup kitchens were opened in London.  Soup has a very  long history of feeding hungry souls and crosses all socio-economic boundaries.  Not surprising, January is national soup month.  We enjoyed a pot of chili last night, and potato soup is on the weekend menu.  What’s your favorite soup? If you want to check out our family’s favorite soups, you’ll find the recipes here.

Jan color

So there’s your week’s worth of domestic trivia on this chilly morning.

Happy Tuesday!


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