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By the time June rolls around, spring has given way to summer’s heat and January is just a distant memory.  Cold weather?  I can barely remember what it is to wear shoes and sweaters.  By now, resolutions often ring a faint bell but they are pretty hazy this far away.

This year, I do remember my resolutions and I can still recite them at the drop of a hat, thanks to this monthly check-in.  I am now at the point of accepting some of them as part of my routine, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are ingrained or permanent habits.  (That old saw about it taking 21 days to make or break habits is bogus – it takes far longer to truly make something stick.)

1.  Read my Bible daily.  First half of the month, right on track. Second half, not so much.  I won’t whine or make excuses, it is what it is. But there is now this frequent niggle and nudge inside me to pick it up and read it more days than not.  I’m encouraging that niggly nudge to grow and get stronger.  It’s the same feeling that can get me up and going to the gym before daybreak.

2. Exercise.  At the risk of repeating myself, see #1 above.  First half of the month, definitely on track. Second half, other things took priority.  And I don’t kid myself that gardening burns as many calories as the gym.  I may sweat buckets while dragging the hose and digging weeds, but the exertion level is not the same.  However, I’m okay with my results for the past four weeks; the things that overshadowed my regular routine were important and urgent and are now completed, so no more excuses.  And my weight dropped beneath 120 earlier this month.  It still hovers and flutters around that mark, but we’re headed in the right direction.  Anyone trying to lose a few pounds, take heart.  Changing the way you eat and exercise are key – they don’t always yield dramatic results, but be patient and let them work their slow magic.

3. Prayer life.  It’s not without ceasing but it is regular and more frequent than daily.  I pray for health of friends and family and for many who are near-and-dear to my nearest-and-dearest.  I try to stop and appreciate and give thanks for the abundance of good things that happen every day.  From small mercies to big blessings, all good things come from God and I hope I never forget that or fail to give Him thanks.

4. Cultivating the fruits of the spirit. This one is still an enigma.  I know I set it as a resolution but how can I measure this?  It isn’t like cultivating plants in my garden.  I can see how my plants grow; I can see them mature and bloom and bear fruit.  I know there must be a way to similarly see and measure this growth but in the meantime, I keep praying and studying know the more I do that, the more the fruit will grow.

I hope this month finds everyone thinking back on whatever you resolved to stop or start roughly 150 days ago.  Whether you’re struggling to keep those promises, or struggling to even remember what you promised yourself, there’s no time like today to get started.  And think how great it will feel in December to know you made good on your resolutions in 2012 and see the results of your efforts.

Happy resolving,


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Looking at the calendar, there’s just under a month before spring break.  After this year’s winter weather, it absolutely cannot. come. soon. enough.  Breaking our trend of visiting somewhere new each year, we’ve planned a return to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina with swimmer girl and one of her friends I refer to as my “other daughter.” Last year’s weather was a little cool, but we had an awesome time eating our weight in seafood, drinking in the sights of Charleston, shopping in Myrtle Beach and kicking around the beautiful beaches and marshes in the area.

Since my heart goes pitter-pat every time I think of the upcoming trip, I’m using the anticipation as a motivator to pick up the exercise pace and drop a few pounds so I can indulge in the regional food without guilt.  It seems my calf strain has finally fully healed, so I’m committed to hitting the treadmill three days a week, in addition to my Body Pump, yoga and pilates classes.  I figure logging several miles each week, along with cutting out a lot of empty calories (paring down the pantry is also whittling down our usual snack food reserves) should help me slough off the pounds that sneaked up on me during the holidays.  And I’m challenging myself to doing a 15-minute “hotspot pickup” every time the urge to munch hits.

So we’ll see if my plan works.  If it does, the house and I should both be in much better shape by the time we leave.  And to all my local friends:  feel free to hold me accountable.  If you see me skulking around the post-Valentine chocolates or noshing on unhealthy foods, go ahead, give me a nudge.  I’ll love ya for it.

Happy Monday!

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Week 4 Without Running: The Timeout Continues

Well, I did the bad thing: I pushed for a run on Monday (as soon as I hit week 4). “Surely the recommended 5 to 8 week recovery for a moderate calf strain doesn’t apply to me!,” said my optimistic self. Alas, it apparently does so I and my calf are back in timeout.

Hopefully it’s only a small setback, as I didn’t push it to another “pop” but in hindsight it was probably a foolhardy thing to do. I’m thankful for my live-in massage therapist who vigorously worked out the knotted calf while gently chastising me for not respecting the age of my ligaments and joints.  To which I say, “harrumph” (because it is too early to say “humbug.”)

This long timeout has forced me to get more creative with my exercise repertoire, which has turned out to be good:  who knew I could become a fan of group workouts?  Of course, next week, I plan to try another run. And the week after, and the week after, until I’m fully healed and running without pain (or Advil.)

Happy healing,

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Week 3 Without Running

I am really hoping this calf muscle strain is ready to become a thing of the past, but I won’t push my luck too soon (an attempted run is on tap for later this week, just to see how it’s doing.  I’m prepared to wave the white flag if it isn’t completely  healed.)

In the meantime, our YMCA has launched a new Body Pump workout and I’m pretty sure my body is almost twice the age of the average person in this class.  I was barely able to sit down (or stand up) after my trial run with it last week, but I’m a firm believer in “that which does not kill us makes us stronger,” so Monday morning, I went back for round two, which meant my stride was less than graceful when I accompanied Mr. Official to the football officials’ banquet last night. Next class is Wednesday, then Friday.

On the in-between days, I can tuck in pilates and yoga.  My only problem is going to be when the calf muscle is fit for running; what am I willing to give up, or will I find myself working out twice a day?  (There are arguably worse things I could do with my time, but there ARE only so many hours in the day.)

Today is voting day, and since I didn’t vote early, I will be among those procrastinators who will wait in line to vote at my local polling place.  Then I’m headed for Cheekwood to see the Chihuly exhibit during its last week in Nashville. 

Happy Tuesday,

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Week 2 Without Running

I am really hoping that my calf injury is going to heal in record time – like in 3 weeks instead of 5 to 8.   Sheer force of will, mind over matter, and the massages, courtesy of my amazing, wonderful, awesome husband help a lot. (And I hope my over-the-top flattery will result in more massages.) But a quick dash after an escaping Sadie this weekend proved the injury is still there. It just doesn’t hurt as bad as it did when it went “pop” but there’s no way to run on it.

So what can I do in the meantime?

Mondays, I  am resigned to yoga/tai chi/pilates with the old geezers. (A seriously geriatric crowd shows up for this one. I’m thinking the instructor has had her AARP card for quite some time, too. To say there is any trace of pilates in this class is a mental stretch.) But it is peaceful and there is some gentle stretching going on.  And I feel like Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass in Remember the Titans.  (Except I’m not a guy, a blond, or outside on the grass while I’m crossing my arms and moving my feet.)

Tuesdays is a true pilates class. My abs are finally recovered from last week’s class, so I’m ready to go round two with the instructor.

Thursday offers a full hour of yoga. Not as good as a run, but it offers some good stretching. And I think I might try the abs/swimming class at 5:45 a.m. this week. It’ll be almost like my regular routine, except no treadmill.  And I’ll have to swim.  Sniff.  Lip quivering.

Wednesday and Friday might have to be take-the-dogs-for-a-walk days. At least the weather is good, their harnesses make it easy to maneuver with them, and the greenway is an awesome resource that is nearby.  Who knows, maybe that’s a routine I’ll stick with even after I can run again?

Happy Monday,

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